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with Tony & Carol Dilger

For most people, going on safari in Africa is the trip of a lifetime and for photographers, getting killer shots of iconic wildlife is paramount.

That’s why we concentrate on the things that translate directly into rewarding photography and a fabulous bush experience. We're not a tour company that employs a pro photographer, we're the other way round: Safaris designed for photographers, by photographers.

In 2013, we established Fully-Focussed Safaris with dual objectives: To provide photographers with an unforgettable African experience and a very full hard-drive. The formula is a combination of local knowledge from highly-qualified field guides and pro photo tuition from ourselves.

Excellent accommodation and facilities at competitive rates are key to our strategy: We don’t mean swimming pools and champagne, we do mean comfortable and relaxed. And whether that’s an air-conditioned bungalow or roomy safari tent, 240v electric is always provided.

Our motto at Fully-Focussed Safaris is "maximum photo opportunities, mimimum fluff." Just what photographers want!

Our expertise is what sets us apart from regular sight-seeing safaris: With two pro photographers on board and the bushskills of local field guides, there’s no shortage of expert help and advice. Learning about wildlife as you shoot enriches the entire experience and provides the ultimate environment to fast-track your photography to the next level.

Our safaris are fully focussed on your needs as a photographer. We make it our business to ensure all the background stuff flows seamlessly, leaving you to concentrate on what really matters: Stunning pictures.

As a photographer going on safari, you goal wll be the best possible results. Our advice is to trust a company that can produce the goods, so always judge by their pictures. Ours are here

For more, please visit our dedicated Safari site: www.fully-focussed.com

Fully-Focussed Safaris

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