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Recent exhibitions

"Just Two Clicks" brings together images from Scotland in winter and recent African safaris.

This exhibition features a strong landscape element, with winter landscape and ‘wild-scape’ images depicting animals in their natural habitats. "We believe that wildlife shown in context with the environment has great storytelling potential and have learned over the years to take a step back and look for that ‘bigger picture’. It’s another dimension to explore and a promising road to more involving and complex imagery. The idea of combining beautiful wildlife with well composed landscape is an ideal recipe for us to squeeze in as much creative juice as possible".

"Those familiar with the work of talented wildlife photographers Tony and Carol Dilger, know that an exhibition of their work is well worth the wait. This display of stunning pictures is the best yet".

Gill O'Donnel, reporter and journalist.

"Real photographs, by real photographers".

Veronica Caperon, freelance photographer.

Where and when

We have not scheduled an exhibition for this year, due to other commitments.

We usually exhibit every two years, with a large scale display of around 50 pictures. We are always on the lookout for suitable venues, so please contact us should you know of any requirement for a high quality exhibition.